My Review Rubric

Here is my system, so you understand where my reviews are coming from. I’m considering five different categories, and while there is certainly overlap between them, I think they’re worth considering separately:

  1. Enjoyment
  2. Style and Content
  3. The Author
  4. Recommendations
  5. Compatibility: If This Book Was a Person…

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The Inheritance Games

Puzzles, riddles, eccentric billionaires cutting their entire family out of their wills seemingly out of spite. A girl who isn’t some special, fated “chosen one,” but gets thrown into a world where is. A family so fractured by their individual angles they might as well be a geometry textbook. They certainly have enough problems to fill one. I guess you could say that the premise is enticing, the follow-through engrossing, and the whole world satisfyingly real and unexpected. You can probably already tell, but I loved it.

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Not If I Save You First

Honestly, the book summary left much to be desired. A few days ago I saw this book on my TBR list on Libby, and saw that the audiobook (narrated by Brittany Pressley) was available. I glanced at the summary and was in the mood for some teen angst mixed with the action and intrigue promised by the Secret Service/First Family angle. But really, I had no idea what the book would be about when I started.

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